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Virtual Recording

How it Works

What is Virtual Recording?

Virtual Recording is the process of you recording an audio or midi performance from the comfort of your own home; directly into our studio. This is accomplished by using remote peer to peer (computer to computer) technology that will allow our studio to communicate with your computer via the internet.

What You Need?

Below is what you will need to do on your end to make this possible.

Equipment You Will Need:

  • Computer or Laptop
  • An internet connection (hard wired to computer preferred as wireless connections may not be stable)
  • Webcam (preferred, not required)
  • Microphone (preferred with the a pop filter)
  • A quiet place where you can record. (important)
  • (REQUIRED) you will need an audio interface that has ASIO Drivers. If you do not have this sort of audio device you will need to download a third party software ASIO4ALL
  • You will also need to install VST Performer (for Windows & Mac), it’s  free software create by Steinberg; that allows your computer to communicate with our studio.  Here’s more information about it click  here.

Next Step:

Once you have completed and verified you are all ready; it’s time to schedule the technical session with our engineer to ensure you are able to connect and record to our system. This session last between 15 to 30 mins.  When booking select TECHNICAL SESSION.

In the event your equipment isn’t adequate enough for virtual recording; we will reschedule and once you have the appropriate equipment set another day for your session.


YES, we will be connected through and encrypted connection that only yourself and our studio has access.

YES, the only files our studio will have access to are the recorded files from our session, NO we can not access anything on your computer; downloading of the session files is done through the VST Performer software.

NO, we only see your webcam if you allow us to.

NO, it is not require but suggested.

NO, technical sessions are a one time free service; this is to make sure we don’t waste your paid time.

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  • There’s a non-refundable 30% deposit for all approved bookings.
  • Deposits are collected at the time of bookings and are reimburse if rejected.