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How it Works

Thank you for choosing Production Warehouse Studios to service your project.   Please take sometime to get familiar with the rules of the studio so that we are all in accord.

Booking Holding Deposit

In order to hold a specific date and time; it is required that you place a non-refundable 30% holding deposit. This will ensure that the date in time you request is secured for your appointment.

Although this deposit is non-refundable it can be used to reschedule only for a single reschedule. The below list the reschedule criteria.

  • Must happen 48 hours before scheduled time.
  • If done within 24 hours of schedule time there will be an additional $10 deposit.

Why the deposit?

The deposit is used to secure the date and time you requested and will not be available to other clients; this can result in us not being able to take certain projects because the time has already be secured; so in the event you cancel this time cannot be filled.


You can cancel your appointment at anytime; if you cancel within 24 hours of booking and you have already made a deposit; as a courtesy your deposit will be applied to your next booking if done within thirty days of your cancellation; this courtesy can be applied once a year there are no exception.

Special Offer Bookings (if apply)

 Sometimes we have promotions and if you book through any special offer; if you need to cancel you will not be refunded but get one reschedule if done 48hrs before booking date; else no refunds. At the time your schedule date has been confirmed; if through GroupOn or Living Social or any other offering the voucher will be redeem 24 after confirmation.


We often have back to back bookings so being on time is imperative.  Most times we don’t have the bandwidth to exceed the schedules time so every minute is valuable.

Clients ONLY

Because we operate out our home all bookings are clients only; this means that the day of only you are allowed in the studio or those who will be participating in the completion of the project; if you for reason you need others to come along this has to be approved before you scheduled date. Every person involved roles need to be verified in the project. If for any reason you will need someone that isn’t involved in the completion of the project to enter the studio with you; they will need to be approved, do not bring on your own accord anyone that isn’t part of the project without verification they will not be permitted to enter the studio.

You will need to provide a list of those involved in the project 48hrs before scheduled date if booked in advance and the 24hrs before any other time. List must have first and last name of individual and their position in the project. If any minors they must be accompanied by and adult.

No Smoking, Drugs or Alcohol

The will be no smoke in the studio or on the premises; since we are a home based studio located in a residential neighborhood we do not allow any smoking or alcohol. We understand that some people need their vise to ignite their creativity and if this is the case please do any of this before you come to the studio; there will be no exceptions.

No Weapons

We have a strike no weapons rule; GA is a right to carry state but because our studio is home based we do not allow weapons of any sort to enter the studio; although we do not check for weapons we trust that you will honor this request; if by any chance you are discovered with a weapon you will be band from the studio and working with any of our employees; so please respect this rule as we are all just trying to create art.


Book A Service


  • There’s a non-refundable 30% deposit for all approved bookings.
  • Deposits are collected at the time of bookings and are reimburse if rejected.